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to benefit New Hampshire animals
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Sorry, but the town has closed us down.

Unfortunately we have been informed that there are extremely rigid state codes related to the operation of haunted houses in the state of New Hampshire.  Even though we took public safety seriously and took many precautions to make sure everyone would be safe it was not nearly enough to conform to the regulations.  The fire department said we did a good job but it was not enough to open to the public.  Even though we had many fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, the ability for anyone to exit quickly from anywhere at anytime, not more than a handful of people inside at anytime, and even though we knew where everyone was at all times, we still needed to do more. Unknown to us, all haunted houses are governed by codes related to places of public assembly (even though most of the patrons are assembled outside). We were told by the fire dept. that buildings over 160 S.F. (yes, about the size of a shed) must have a sprinkler system, a special fire alarm system, and certain flame proofing throughout most of the building at the least. Since this is an old barn that we decided to haunt for the benefit of animals our attraction is over. It would obviously cost many thousands of dollars we don't have to make the necessary improvements. We thank everyone that had the chance to visit us and are very sorry for those that couldn't. We were completely blown away from all of the positive feedback that we received. It was nice being able to give people a chance to do something fun and affordable compared to the other attractions that take a weeks paycheck for a family visit.  The biggest disappointment for us is that we can no longer show off our creation. We really just wanted to raise a few dollars for animals and give folks a good time. We raised about $300 and will be giving most of that to the Manchester Animal Shelter and something to The Rapunzel Fund for sick animals.

Please note: We are not angry at the town or fire department for closing us down. Even though we thought our attraction was extremely safe, and we made sure it was, they must follow the guidelines set forth by state regulations and were just doing their job.  Perhaps "overkill" might be the appropriate term to use in our case.  Individuals with common sense and those that did visit us could clearly see that safety was a major concern and not an issue. Unfortunately because of big government and their regulations (again many are important) we really don't "LIVE FREE OR DIE".  Take care everyone.  If you have any spare change, please give to any and all animal charities.

Your friends,

Bill & Linette

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